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Bg Gemmological Institute


Founded by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, BG Gemological institute (BGGI) is the earliest gems research and identification laboratory in China. Early in the year 1995, BGGI had been recognized by the State Bureau of Quality and Technique Supervision, China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories, the State Bureau for Import & Export Commodity Inspection. It is also recognized by the International Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), and is the only CIBJO Recognized Laboratory (CRL) in china.
Being the only multi-recognized laboratory both domestically and international, BGGI enjoy a high reputation in the trade and is the official laboratory appointed by the state legal departments for gems & jewellery certification and valuation.
Armed with the state-of-art equipments as well as a human resource with relevant degrees and qualifications (Ph.D., Master, FGA, DGA, the China Registered Gemologist, etc. ), BGGI is Strong, Reliable and with big potential to develop the vertical value chain together with our customer.
Our services include: Gems and jewellery identification and certificates, valuation, consulting, professional courses training, market information,etc.
Following a quality system of the international standard, BGGI has been offering the best service to the trade and will aim even higher.

Address: Room 0703, China National Arts & Crafts   Building,103,Jixiangli.Chaoyangmenwai,Beijing,China
Postal Code: 100020
Tel.: 010-85698528,65512259
Fax: 010-85698529